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Smart Board Lessons

Below are some PDF’s of Smart Board lessons and activities that I used in general music classes from K-6 with a short description of how I incorporated them and for what grade level.

1st Grade Bingo– A bingo game I created for 1st grade to help students practice clapping/playing back rhythms and being able to identify rhythms after I clapped them.

Clock Store-Orff accompaniment for 3rd grade used to get students familiar with reading music and playing a melodic instrument.

Engine, Engine No. 9– An Orff accompaniment for 4th grade used to review reading music and playing a melodic instrument.

Form Activity-Used to introduce the topic of form to K and to review with 1st grade. Used to help students to relate musical forms to simple patterns.

Treble Clef Spelling Bee– Used with 3rd and 4th grade to review the names of the notes on the treble staff. Also used to play a spelling bee game to get students quicker at identifying treble clef note names.

Let’s Compose Rhythms– Used with 1st and 2nd grade to help students learn how to compose basic 4 beat rhythms using half, quarter, and eighth notes. Prepared students for a rhythmic composition project.

Math and Music Minutes– Used to relate music and math for RTii Math class. Used with high achieving 3rd grade students.

Recipe for Music– Students created notes while reading the book The Alphabet of Music and talking about how music is like a recipe.


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