A few handouts I created when teaching a unit on scales and chords for 7th grade general music during my student teaching experience. I used these handouts as a way for the students to visualize how to build scales and chords and so they could use them as a review for their exam.

Major Scales

Minor Scales

Introduction to Chords

Minor Chords

Below is a handout I created about the fugue. This was for a lesson I taught to a group of 4th-6th grade gifted students at a local elementary school.

Fugue Handout

Below is a worksheet I created as a review for a unit I taught on George Frideric Handel.

Handel Quiz

A handout I created spotlighting composer Bela Bartók and his Music for Strings Percussion and Celesta, which was part of a teaching project/presentation for Music History.

Belá Bartók Handout


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