Philosophy of Education

Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.- Chinese Proverb

Below are portions of my philosophy of education.

  • Teachers should teach the way student learn.
  • Teacher should develop strong professional relationships with their students.
  • Education should focus on life long learning not just grades and success.
  • Students should have an active role in the learning process.
  • Students need to assume responsibility for their learning.
  • All students need to be treated equally and be given equal opportunities to learn.
  • Classrooms should be warm and inviting; a place where students want to be and feel comfortable.
  • All students need to feel welcome and know they are important.
  • Part of a teacher’s job is to teach the students that education is life long and doesn’t end after formal schooling is over.
  • There is a difference between schooling and education
  • Education should equip students to be well-rounded and intellectual members of society.

“Education should not be based upon grades, successes, or results of standardized tests, but instead it should focus on true and everlasting intelligence. I believe that high grades alone do not always equal true intelligence or success.”

“I define success in education as changing the life of one child and making a difference in students lives. For me success in education is not being voted teacher of the year, but instead success is truly educating and impacting our students.”

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