Professional Music Development

Besides its uses in the music classroom technology, is a great way for teachers to gain continuous and free professional development. I believe that all teachers, no matter how long you have taught, need professional development because the field of music education is constantly changing and there is always something new to learn. Over the past year I have become highly active on Twitter and the Music Professional Learning Network. This is a great way to connect and collaborate with other music education undergraduates and current music educators. In October, I also had the privilege and opportunity to participate int METOS 2010 which was the first ever online music education conference. Again, this was instant professional development for music educators and a great and easy way to learn more about the field of music education specially in regards to technology. The amount of invaluable information that I have learned through these means over the past year is incredible. Just a few months ago I was added to the official list of music education tweeters. I am also a part of the 100 Music Education majors on Twitter project.

The MPLN is a new Website specifically developed for music educators, pre-service music teachers, and teaching musicians of any kind.   As its base framework, it incorporates the BuddyPress and WordPress Social Networking (SN) platforms, but also includes integrations with Twitter, Facebook, and other existing SN platforms.  As a SN platform, this site seeks to promote elongated discussions about important topics facing music educators today.

The mission of the MPLN is to generate better, more accessible,  information about music, education, and technology and to use technologies to bring musicians of all types together to benefit by it, discuss it, and collaborate with it for the generation of even better and even more accessible information about music, education, and technology…”


I have also been an active participant of MusEdChat. This is a weekly chat about music education that takes place on Twitter every Monday night using the hashtag #MusEdChat. This is another way that I have gained instant professional development and connection with current music educators who have valuable information and knowledge to offer. Along with being an active participant of MusEdChat over the past few months I have written some of the recaps for the chats.

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