Music Technology

Philosophy of Music Technology

I believe that music technology and incorporating technology into the music classroom or ensemble setting is extremely important and beneficial for both the teacher and the students. There are so many options for using technology in the classroom. From, SmartBoards, IPads, composition, audio editing, wikis, and blogs the options are endless when it comes to music technology. Music technology helps us in making music cross-curricular and can also be a great advocacy tool.

I strongly believe that as music educators we need to reach all students, not just those students in performing ensembles, and music technology is one way this can be done. I believe that all music educators whether young or experienced should use technology in their classroom. In today’s society our students are very familiar with technology and use it on an everyday basis. By using technology we reach the students where they are at and use something that they are comfortable with to teach them about music. Also with today’s technological advancements there are a lot of free programs that are easy to implement in the classroom such as MuseScore, Noteflight, Myna, and Aviary.

I do not think that music technology should replace the traditional music classroom or ensemble setting, but instead it should supplement and enhance it. As music educators we need to begin using more technology in the classroom to help reach all the students that enjoy and love creating/making music, but are not involved in the performance aspect of music. Music technology can also be  a great way to reach challenging students or special education students.  In my future classroom I plan on using technology wherever possible to help reach my students and help them learn as much as possible. In conclusion, I believe that because we have all of this amazing technology and opportunities, we as music educators need to take advantage of that and incorporate technology into the music classroom and ensemble settings in any way possible.

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